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CCI amends provisions relating to informants requesting inquiry in to certain agreements or dominant position of enterprise

Competition Commission of India (“CCI”) vide Gazette Notification dated 20 November 2019, amended the Competition Commission of India (General) Regulations, 2009 relating to informants, as follows:

  • A new clause 10(2)(da) is inserted to provide details of any dispute between the informant and the parties before any court, tribunal or arbitrator in respect of the subject matter of the information
  • Informant’s request for confidentiality is diluted by the addition of a proviso to Rule 35(1)
  • Fees payable for providing any information on certain agreements and dominant position of an enterprise is increased per below table:
Type of informer Present Fees in INR Previous Fees in INR
  • Individual or Hindu Undivided Family
5,000 5,000
  • Non-Government Organization or Consumer Association or Co-operative Society or Trust
  • Firm or company with turnover up to INR 2 (two) Crore
40,000 20,000

[up to INR 1 (one) Crore Turnover]

  • Firm or company with turnover above INR 2 (two) Crore but below INR 50 (Fifty) Crore
1,00,000 50,000

[other than above cases]

  • Cases other than above

Source: http://egazette.nic.in/WriteReadData/2019/214225.pdf