Mergers, Acquisitions, and Exits


Over the last few years, we have handled a variety of transactions which provide an exit either to investors or founders or both. Venture Intelligence Reports that we are amongst India’s 15th most active legal counsellors in M&A.

We have handled transactions such as structuring (restructuring) company buyback, asset buy over, entity buy over, promoter/promoter led buybacks, acqui-hires, share-swaps, demerger, reverse mergers, with ease. During business downturns, our services include fast-track-exits, winding-up, bankruptcy procedures.

India has a specialised court to handle M&A, through National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), along with matters such as compromises, arrangements, amalgamation. We represent before the authorities and handle the entire process, including internal process to be followed by companies.

A small list of indicative transactions of M&A:

Acquirer Target
Ezetap Mobile Solutions Pte. Ltd. Fortune Payment Solutions India Private Limited
Rocket Internet, Food Panda Achindra Online Marketing Pvt Ltd (JustEat) Cryptopy Technologies Pvt Ltd (Grabhouse)
EdCast Inc. Wagmob Inc.
Holiday IQ (Leisure and Lifestyle Information Services Pvt Ltd) SourceN India Pvt Ltd
Crenovative Ideas Pvt Ltd (Taskbob) Zepper Services Pvt Ltd